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What To Listen To As A Family
The first order of business is to get a family turntable. This is an elementary way to introduce your kids into the world of music appreciation and quality listening. By this, I mean records are tangible objects that your children should learn to appreciate. In a world rife with digital media, vinyl is the last refuge for combining music with an art product. Moreover, buying a turntable and teaching your children how to operate it will also give them a boost in confidence. What this means exactly is (more…)

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Best Music Ever Recorded On Record

Starting A Record Collection
New artists are releasing their music on vinyl today. In addition to searching for old records, you can incorporate new albums into the mix. Starting a record collection is fun and exciting. You should begin by searching for your favorite albums of all time. This will form a strong base for your record collection. In addition, you should think about quality over quantity concerning your emerging vinyl collection. What this means exactly is that you should not just buy everything in sight. For (more…)

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Records are one of the most dated and beloved ways to listen to music. Set a standard of criteria prior to starting a record collection and stick to it. Determine the reason that you want to start collecting and build the list from there. For instance, are you starting a record collection for the monetary value or for the emotional value?

If the collection is for monetary value, you will likely want rare collections of music that hold a great deal of value to the general population. Records from (more…)

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Collecting records is a way of showing appreciation of music both present and past. Getting started collecting records can be overwhelming because there are so many ways to decide what music is most important to collect. There are several things that can help narrow down the choices until you find the beginning point though.

The first thing to consider is the genre of music that you like best. There are many to choose from, but there is always a favorite that shines above the rest. You can find a quick rundown here. Collecting records should be about something you love rather than the dollar value attached to it. Once you have decided on the genre, choose the most prolific artist in that group. Record collections should include music that you would willingly listen to both now and in the future. Classics are the best choices because they never grow old.

The overall idea on how to get started collecting records is to love the choices that you make. Once the decisions have been made to purchase a particular genre and artist, records can be found in many ways. Online auctions offer a great way for people to affordably collect the music they love without the hassles that can be involved. Record stores are few and far between these days, but finding vintage records is still possible.

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A long-standing debate in the history of recording is over the use of the studio itself. Ever since Edison introduced the phonograph, the ideal goal for many was to obtain a “perfect” recording, capturing the pure sound of the performers and instruments. Others, however, were fascinated with the capabilities of the equipment to “color” the music, which led to the rise of studio engineers as artists. From Les Paul’s homemade multi-tracking prototypes, to the innovations of the Beatles, to the studio mastery of Pink Floyd’s DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, the studio was used as (more…)

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Despite technological advances in today’s recording industry, there are many who argue that music heard on the old “long play” or “LPs” made of vinyl have a better sound quality than the more common Compact Disc (CDs) or the digital downloads. Advances such as these are supposed to deliver a product with superior sound quality, however, a seasoned audiophile would still prefer listening to vinyl recordings over CDs and downloads. Here’s why.

Vinyl lps reproduced analog signals from the recordings made in (more…)

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Vinyl records have been around since the early 20th century and have been enjoyed as a medium of music from young and old folks alike. Although today most people listen to mp3 players and CDs, vinyl records will always retain its quaintness and old fashioned prowess as one of the idea symbols of how music was recorded and played in the past.

Many people still collect vinyl records and have large libraries of them in their home. Some may have very rare records that may be worth a lot of (more…)

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Music is all around us and having a vinyl record to play at parties can be so much fun. Record albums have been around for many years and are still being purchased today. Local booksellers, online retailers and flea markets are great places to purchase a favorite album or artist or start a collection for any music lover.
Artists from the 50′s and 60′s sold their music on albums and you can still find these treasures today. If you have a current collection or want to begin collecting star with the music that you love (more…)